Exercising safely outside

If you love to take your exercise routine outside now that temperatures are cooling off here are some safety tips for you to consider.

1.Turn the music down.Although music is a great motivator and a great tool for helping you set the pace for your run or walk, it can also put you in danger. The combination of headphones and loud music means you may not be able to hear traffic and so be aware of potential dangers.

2. Make sure you are visible.With the days shortening it becomes more and more likely that you will be outside in the dark. So make sure you wear something that makes you visible, preferably something fluorescent on your clothes as well as your shoes.

3.Is the air really “fresh”? We exercise outdoors to get some “fresh air”. But if you are jogging or walking along a busy street are all those car fumes really what you want to be inhaling? It may be worth a 5 minute car ride to get to somewhere cleaner to exercise.

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